Doukenie Hope’s Legacy

After sharing our visit to Doukenie Winery on The Other 46, I was in the mood to open the Hope’s Legacy (formerly Hope’s Raspberry Merlot) dessert wine on Thursday night. As mentioned in my previous post, this bottle is simply delicious. Easily one of my favorites from Virginia. Perhaps it’s the raspberries or the simple blend with Merlot, this wine puts a smile on my face everytime. From the winery:

Homegrown raspberries are fermented into wine and blended into oak aged red wine. This combination creates a wine that has an intense fruit flavor, chocolate notes from the oak, good sweetness balance and a finish with body. Alone as dessert, with some baklava or a rich chocolate tort, this wine can close any meal.

I couldn’t agree more. The wine is made up of 70% red wine (Merlot) and 30% raspberry wine, and comes in at 12.7% alcohol. We paid $24 at the winery. My only issue with the wine, it only comes in a 375ml bottle. I hear critics all the time complain about the QPR on Virginia wines, but I challenge them to find a dessert wine in this price range, with this much to offer. Doukenie has an online store, in addition to a great wine club, so I encourage you to seek out and try. Even better, stop in to the winery, and tell them The Other 46 sent you. Oh, and don’t forget to pet Lucy!

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