Virginia Viognier

Horton Vineyards The Tower Series 2006 Viognier
Horton Vineyards The Tower Series 2006 Viognier

I ventured out to downtown Orlando this afternoon and of course, decided to stop into Total Wine. I was after a 2005 Bordeaux and ended up walking out with a Viognier. I’ve mentioned before that our local store carries a nice selection of wines from the other 46 states and especially Virginia. I selected the 2006 Horton Tower Series Viognier, which is produced by Horton Vineyards located in Orange County, Virginia. Horton is located on the Monticello Wine Trail in Charlottesville, Virginia and is one of the largest producers of the Viognier grape in the United States.

I’ve been on a Viognier kick lately, especially from Virginia. When compared with California, Virginia Viognier seems to be right on target, both in quality and price. In an earlier post I stressed the importance of the other 46 states finding the right varieties. Virginia continues to produce beautiful, balanced Viogniers, and this Horton doesn’t disappoint. Coming in at $13, the wine clocks in at 13.8% alcohol. An aromatic wine with peach and floral notes, the wine is well balanced and structured. A wine to share with friends and family.

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7 thoughts on “Virginia Viognier

  1. According to Horton Vineyards, this is identical to the wine sold at the vineyard, which retails for $20. I guess they rebrand for retail. A great QPR!

  2. Hi Heather,
    Thank you for your readership! I have not had the opportunity to check out Delaplane Cellars, but will do so in September! Virginia is producing beautiful Viognier, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot! Vintage after vintage, Virginia continues to impress. Be sure to become a fan of Virginia Wines on Facebook! Cheers!

  3. We just checked out Delaplane Cellars today (we’ll have the post up Thursday); turns out they didn’t open till this weekend. AWESOME wines, every last one of them. I’d never guess that they were brand new.

  4. Hi GrapeEnvyGuy,
    Wow, every last one of them. That’s speaks volumes about the growth and quality of VIrginia wines! I look forward to your post! I haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet, but plan on stopping in for a tasting during my next visit (which hopefully is sooner rather than later). Cheers!

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