Blue Lobster Blue

Once again, it’s that time of year where I bid adieu to my reds and welcome the Chards, Vogniers, and sparkling wines with open arms. Okay, so maybe not the entire truth, but with the warm weather here to stay, I typically shy away from big reds and walk on the wild side. With temperatures in the upper 80s, how better to enjoy the evenings, than with a nice, chilled glass of wine. Make that a fruit wine.

Cellardoor Vineyard Blue Lobster Blue

Tonight, we travel to the northeast for blue lobster and a taste of Maine via Cellardoor Vineyards. Quickly becoming a favorite, Cellardoor has a great selection of fruit and hybrid wines. I decided to pull the cork on my first Blueberry wine, the Blue Lobster Blue. Although not a white, the Blue Lobster Blue is best served chilled and is the perfect accompaniment to a warm, summer evening. In it’s cobalt blue bottle, the wine can be summed up in one word, delicious! A unique, crowd pleasing wine.

I recommend purchasing a bottle or two to share with family and friends at a picnic or for kicking back on a lazy summer day. Additionally, if you live in Maine, be sure to support LD 1008, a Free the Grapes bill to significantly expand consumer choice in wine by allowing you to purchase wine directly from in-state and out-of-state wineries licensed to ship to Maine consumers.

For those new to the other 46, be sure to read A Perfect Pairing, where we taste a Concord grape wine from Cellardoor Vineyards!

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