Aloha Hawaiian Wines!

Much to my surprise, I stumbled upon a sparkling wine from Hawaii on Sunday at Total Wine, the Hula O Maui pineapple sparkling wine from Tedeschi Vineyards. Located on Ulupalakua Ranch in Maui, Tedeschi Vineyards is Maui’s only commercial winery. Hawaii is home to three wineries, the other two being Diamond Head Winery in Honolulu and Volcano Winery in Volcano. Mostly known for their fruit wines, especially pineapple, Hawaii is finding success with the Symphony grape of late.

Coming in at $19.99 retail, the wine clocks in at 12% alcohol. No real surprises on the tasting notes. Dominant pineapple on the nose, in the mouth, and on the finish. An enjoyable wine, although at this price point, I probably will not revisit anytime soon. Best enjoyed poolside, or even better, in Hawaii!

Mahalo from The Other 46!

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