Raspberry Merlot

Every now and then I come across a wine I don’t want to share, not even with friends and family. I happened to open such a bottle last night, a Fabbioli Cellars Raspberry Merlot. Fabbioli Cellars is located in Leesburg, Virginia, on the Loudoun Wine Trail. A small, family owned and operated vineyard and winery, Fabbioli Cellars is owned by the talented winemaker and consultant, Doug Fabbioli. Doug served as the winemaker for Doukénie Winery before opening Fabbioli Cellars, which also happens to produce an excellent Raspberry Merlot (see my earlier review).

Coming in at $23 retail for a 375ml bottle, the wine clocks in at 12.5% alcohol. The fruit is estate grown and blended with Merlot to create what I think is one of the best dessert wines in Virginia. A perfect pairing of grapes and berries. The only negative is the size, and the fact that this was my last bottle. But don’t take my word for it. Go grab your own bottle and see if you feel like sharing.

Have you ever tried a Raspberry Merlot or another dessert wine from the other 46? Drop me a note in the comments. Cheers.

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4 thoughts on “Raspberry Merlot

  1. Hello! Great post on the folks at Fabbioli. Plan to take my last bottle of their Raspberry Merlot to a family gathering this weekend. Although I’ve had their wines at several festivals, I’ve never had the chance to visit their winery. Plan to do so in a couple of weeks and found this blog via a search for wineries in Loundon County.
    Frank Morgan, Ches., VA

  2. Oh, Doukenie Winery in VA makes a great one of these too! We really enjoy it…especially with rich dark chocolate as a pairing.

  3. I recently had the opportunity to try Fabbioli Cellar’s Raspberry Merlot and it was delightful! It was perfectly balanced and did not taste syrupy. I am looking forward to visiting this winery on my next trip to Virginia!

    I am also a fan of Doukenie’s Raspberry Merlot (and I’d love to taste these two side by side to compare).

  4. Hi Frank and thanks for the kind words! Virginia Raspberry Merlot, whether produced by Fabbioli or Doukenie, is always a hit with friends and family. And to be honest, when placed alongside other dessert wines (e.g. California, Canada, etc.), Virginia dessert wines actually offers a great value for consumers!

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