A Minnesota Marquette

Fieldstone Vineyards Marquette
Fieldstone Vineyards Marquette

In celebration of the 2009 International Cold Climate Wine Competition (ICCWC) focusing on cold-hardy varieties, I decided to pour the Fieldstone Vineyards Marquette from Minnesota. The Marquette was awarded a gold medal at the inaugural competition which included 315 Cold Climate wines from commercial wineries in 16 states including Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Nebraska, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky and host state Minnesota with 19 participating wineries.

The Marquette (which I received as a sample from the winery) was easily the best wine I’ve tasted from Minnesota with black cherry, black licorice, spice, and nutmeg on both the nose and palate. A ruby colored wine with pronounced tannins. Overall, a surprisingly good wine.

A congratulations to Falconer Vineyards and Winery who was awarded the Governor’s Cup for best Minnesota wine for its Frontenac port. For a list of the complete winners, click here.

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