The Century Club

What started out as a simple journal to record my ramblings on wines tasted and wineries visited across the other 46 states, has blossomed into something much more than I ever expected. Tonight’s post marks number 100. Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure to network and build friendships with people I may never haveRead more

10 Tasting Rules

I enjoy wine tasting and have had the pleasure of tasting all over the United States (someday, I’ll make it to Europe). While I am not a wine expert by any means, I do know what proper tasting room etiquette is. Sadly, some people do not so I wanted to post 10 tasting room rulesRead more

Vote For The Other 46

The Other 46 blog has been nominated for the Orlando Sentinel’s Orbbies (Orlando’s Rockin’ Blogs). Please take a moment to vote for “The Other 46” in the following two categories: Foodies & Out of this World (Unclassified). You can also vote it as the “Best Overall Blog“. In order to vote, you will need toRead more

Blenheim, Wine, and Dave

Anyone who knows me well knows I love music and wine. So what could be better than spending a fall afternoon at one of your favorite musicians winery and enjoying great wine! Both came to fruition at Blenheim Vineyards. For those who don’t know, Blenheim Vineyards was established in 2000 by owner Dave Matthews andRead more