Horton Vineyards 2007 Norton – The Tower Series

Horton Vineyards 2007 Norton (The Tower Series)
Horton Vineyards 2007 Norton (The Tower Series)

In the spring of 1992, Dennis Horton re-introduced Virginia to the Norton grape variety with the release of Horton’s Norton. A wine pioneer in Virginia, Dennis Horton is also credited with introducing Viognier to the state and helping put Virginia on the global wine map. Located in Orange County, Virginia, Horton Vineyards is a must stop on the wine trail to experience one of the state’s winemaking mavericks.

A dark, rich colored wine in glass, aromas of plums and black cherries with smoky notes round out the nose. The full-bodied Norton combines good acidity, ripe plum and dark fruit in a unique, food-friendly wine. If you haven’t had the opportunity to taste a Norton, I recommend you seek out Horton’s Norton. Cheers!

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