Kinkead Ridge 2008 Cabernet Franc

A small number of wines and wineries have developed an almost cult-like following east of the west coast. Paumanok Vineyards Chenin Blanc, Barboursville Vineyards Octagon and rockstar-turned-winemaker, Maynard James Keenan portfolio of wines have all been certified platinum by wine writers and critics alike. After tasting the Kinkead Ridge 2008 Cabernet Franc, I’m convinced the list just got a little longer.

Kinkead Ridge 2008 Cabernet Franc
Kinkead Ridge 2008 Cabernet Franc

Two years ago I began reading and hearing lots of wine chatter about Kinkead Ridge Estate Winery, a small producer in Ripley, Ohio. Renowned for their Cabernet Franc, Kinkead Ridge also grows Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Viognier, Riesling, Roussanne and Sauvignon Blanc on their 5-acre estate vineyard.

Excited to learn more about Kinkead Ridge and especially their wines, Owner and Managing Partner Nancy Bentley kindly sent me 3 wines to sample, led by their Jefferson Cup Winner 2008 Cabernet Franc.

Dark fruit dominates the nose with a hint of red cherry, tobacco and spice. Blackberries, cherries, herbs and green peppers explode on the palate. A medium-bodied wine with balanced acidity and tannin. An outstanding effort, especially at $18 retail.

A front runner for my 2011 wine of the year, the Kinkead Ridge 2008 Cabernet Franc delivers on all fronts. Cheers!

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7 thoughts on “Kinkead Ridge 2008 Cabernet Franc

  1. Kinkead Ridge Cab Franc 2007 was also wonderful. They produced only 78 cases of 100% Petit Verdot, and it’s great as well. WaterTower Fine Wines, in the Mt. Washington area of Cincinnati, has had several vertical tastings of Kinkead Ridge, which the Kinkead Ridge owners have attended. WaterTower’s owner, Dave Lazarus, is something of a Kinkead Ridge afficianado.

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I’m a big, big fan of Nancy and Ron and will miss Kinkead Ridge dearly when they call it quits. In the meantime, I’m going to find all the Kinkead Ridge wines I can! Cheers!

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