Keel & Curley Strawberry Riesling

Keel & Curley Strawberry Riesling
Keel & Curley Strawberry Riesling

Staying true to my home state and my drink local motto, I recently pulled the cork on a local wine not far from my home base in Orlando. Located in Plant City, Florida, Keel & Curley Winery was started in the spring of 2003 by founder and owner, Joe Keel. A blueberry farmer, Keel decided to try his hand at producing blueberry wines from his excess fruit. What started with 10 gallons of blueberry wine has grown into a 20,000 case production facility known as the Napa Valley of the Tampa Bay Area.

The winery produces 3 blueberry wines (sweet, semi-dry and dry), 2 blackberry and a handful of fusion wines (part grape based wines blended with fruit juice). Their wines are available for purchase online and throughout Florida.

The popular Keel & Curley Strawberry Riesling is a blend of strawberry juice and Riesling. No surprises here with big strawberry and peach on the nose and palate. $12.99 retail and 12% alcohol, the sweet wine is best served chilled on a warm, sunny Florida day.

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  1. I never heard of this FL winery. Plant City is not far from me. I’ll have to keep a look out for their wines. I’d love to try the Riesling.

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