Too Commercial?

Over the past year, I’ve noticed a growing, disturbing trend at some Virginia wineries. Commercialization. Before I continue, a full disclaimer, I have nothing against weddings, dinners, and special events at wineries. What I have a problem with is the prioritization and attention given to these extra-curricular activities. I visit wineries for one simple reason,Read more

What Is Local?

A recent post over at the Oinos Nervosa wine blog really made me stop and think twice about local and state wine competitions. I’ve always believed these competitions should only accept wines that were produced from grapes grown in the same state. Or, at the very least, have a separate category to judge these particularRead more

The Local Pour

I’ve just added a new initiative to my growing list for 2009, convince at least one Orlando restaurant to carry a local pour. Maybe not the easiest task in the sunshine state considering my options include Muscadine and fruit wines, but I’m an optimist when it comes to wine. Heck, I’d be happy if IRead more

A Long Absence

After a long absence, the other 46 is ready to come back stronger than ever, with a new design, logo, and layout. The blog to date, has concentrated solely on wine reviews. Unfortunately, I feel like I’ve missed an opportunity to further inform my readers about the news and events that are helping to shapeRead more

The Big 5

Although I still have a long path to travel to taste and experience the other 46 states, I often wonder what state will move into the highly sought after 5th spot behind the big 4? I continue to read more and more about the growing wine industries in Virginia, Arizona, and Ohio. Perhaps Michigan, Texas,Read more


I’m going to switch gears tonight and talk about two recent wineries who have won their respective states Governor’s Cup for best overall wine. The 2008 award went to Black Ankle Vineyards for their 2006 Bordeaux blend, Crumbling Rock. Black Ankle Vineyards is a new, up and coming winery located in Mt. Airy, Maryland. TheRead more

Drink Local Wine

Today I stumbled upon, an Internet writers project, highlighting the growth of local wines throughout the United States and Canada. Come to find out, it’s an effort between two well respected wine writers in the industry, Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post and Jeff Siegel of The Wine Curmudgeon. Last year, they came upRead more