DrinkLocalWine.com 2010 Conference: The Other 47

The DrinkLocalWine.com conference festivities kicked off with an informal gathering of wine writers at Lansdowne Resort to enjoy a tasting of wines from the other 47 states.  Hosted by Dezel Quillen at On The Potomac, we each brought an assortment of wines from New York, Texas, Colorado, Maryland, Hawaii, Utah, North Carolina, and Virginia, theRead more

Doukénie Winery

Just a short drive from Breaux Vineyards is a perennial favorite of mine, Doukénie Winery. I’ve previously written about Doukénie in the past (see my earlier post and review) and always pencil them in when visiting Northern Virginia, especially when on the Loudoun Wine Trail. Winemaker and Vineyard Manager, Sebastien Marquette, produces some of theRead more

Raspberry Merlot

Every now and then I come across a wine I don’t want to share, not even with friends and family. I happened to open such a bottle last night, a Fabbioli Cellars Raspberry Merlot. Fabbioli Cellars is located in Leesburg, Virginia, on the Loudoun Wine Trail. A small, family owned and operated vineyard and winery,Read more

Doukenie Hope’s Legacy

After sharing our visit to Doukenie Winery on The Other 46, I was in the mood to open the Hope’s Legacy (formerly Hope’s Raspberry Merlot) dessert wine on Thursday night. As mentioned in my previous post, this bottle is simply delicious. Easily one of my favorites from Virginia. Perhaps it’s the raspberries or the simpleRead more

On The Loudoun Wine Trail

During my last visit to Virginia, we set forth on the Loudoun Wine Trail to hit as many wineries as humanly possible in one day. Believe it or not, we actually hit 6! Willowcroft, Village Winery, Loudoun Valley, Corcoran (see my earlier post), Veramar, and Doukenie, the winery I’m focusing on today. Doukenie Winery isRead more