2009 Ohio vs. Michigan Wine Clash

(Columbus, Ohio – November 5, 2009) Ahead of the legendary gridiron clash, wine lovers in Michigan and Ohio assembled to determine whose wines would triumph in a head-to-head clash. Eleven of the top wines were chosen from each state and judged in both Columbus and Ann Arbor by panels of wine lovers, writers and professionals.Read more

Industry News

Virginia Wines Visit London Great recap of the London Wine & Spirits Fair in the Washington Post by Mary Jordan. Several Virginia wineries participated and impressed. Ohio’s Henke Winery Wines Best in State The 2008 Henke Riesling wins best in show. North Carolina Wine TV North Carolina Wine TV is an online video show hostedRead more

The Big 5

Although I still have a long path to travel to taste and experience the other 46 states, I often wonder what state will move into the highly sought after 5th spot behind the big 4? I continue to read more and more about the growing wine industries in Virginia, Arizona, and Ohio. Perhaps Michigan, Texas,Read more

Think Globally, Drink Locally

Welcome to The Other 46. The Other 46 is a new blog and website dedicated to all of the states outside of the likes of California, Oregon, Washington, and New York, crafting world class wines. From my first visit to wineries in Northern Virginia, I along with many others, have fallen for these boutique wines.Read more