Think Globally, Drink Locally

Welcome to The Other 46. The Other 46 is a new blog and website dedicated to all of the states outside of the likes of California, Oregon, Washington, and New York, crafting world class wines. From my first visit to wineries in Northern Virginia, I along with many others, have fallen for these boutique wines. Maybe it’s the atmosphere or the excitement of the winemaker, or just the sheer enjoyment drinking a wine from someplace other than California or Oregon. Don’t get me wrong, I drink my fair share of Napa Cabs, Oregon Pinots, and New York Rieslings, but there’s nothing like pulling the cork on a bottle from the likes of those other 46 states.

I have several plans for the site in the upcoming months including wine reviews, a winery and vineyard directory, winery spotlights, and events, to only name a few. But with any new site, the success is dependent on the readers. I encourage you to send me your feedback, questions, and requests.

So without further adieu, pull that Virginia Viognier or Ohio Reisling from the cellar, pour a glass, and relax.

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