Tiger Mountain Vineyards

My sister and husband visited recently from Atlanta and brought along some favorite Georgia wines from my previous visits. Their local Whole Foods carries a nice selection of local wineries year round, saving them a trip to North Georgia. The three bottles that made the trip were a Tiger Mountain Tannat, Tiger Mountain Cabernet Franc and a Persimmon Creek Cabernet Franc.

I decided to try the 2005 Cabernet Franc from Tiger Mountain Vineyards. I first experienced Tiger Mountain wines about 4 years ago during my first visit to Georgia wine country. I was impressed by the number of quality wines, especially reds. Tiger is also well known for their Tannat and Touriga Nacional grape varieties and I highly recommend seeking out if you can find them.

Tiger Mountain Vineyards
Tiger Mountain Vineyards

This particular vintage was much lighter in body than I remembered from my first visit, but was still very enjoyable and well balanced. Lots of red plum fruit with a nice, easy finish. Unfortunately, I didn’t take detailed notes, but do remember scoring this wine a solid 87. Overall, a solid effort from Tiger Mountain Vineyards.

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  1. Tiger Mountain has some of the best reds in Georgia. The Touriga Nacional has actually been served at a White House Dinner as the red pick from the state of Georgia.

    The Cabernet Franc is very nice. It is one of the best of Tiger and a very good show for them. I picked out lots of plum, spice, and a hint of blackberries. I would score the bottle of Cabernet Franc I enjoyed an 88.

    Well done Tiger, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the response Scott! I’ll have to locate the Touriga Nacional. I have the Tannat in the cellar just waiting to be poured!

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