I wanted to switch gears today and talk about the new application offered for the iPhone. To date, I have resisted the urge of purchasing the iPhone, but that may change after seeing the new software up close and personal. I’ve been a big fan of the CellarTracker website from day 1, which boasts the largest online collection of wine information in the world. Everything from tasting notes to drinkability reports, CellarTracker has it covered. My only complaint, the poor interface and lack of available technology to leverage the database and extend the user experience. Imagine walking into a wine store, and having instant access to over 530,000 wines in the palm of your hand.

I guess I wasn’t the only one with this idea. The new software application was released late last year and is the first software to tap into the growing CellarTracker database. The application cost is $4.99 and is available via the iTunes App Store. We were setup and logged into the app in no time and accessing my personal cellar. The software also integrates seamlessly with Twitter and Facebook, enabling the user to announce the wines they’re currently drinking. From the graphics to the domain name (seriously, how cool is with the Kazakhstan extension), this software will change the way you drink wine.

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  1. I wonder if there will be a BlackBerry or Android version of I’d assume that wine aficionados would be more BlackBerry users than iPhone users. The problem with developing for mobile platforms these days is that each phone’s operating system is completely different, and most companies don’t want to develop an app more than once, even if they can afford it. So, it makes sense for them to develop for the most popular platform, the iPhone. Hopefully, when Flash 10.1 is released Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Palm users will be able to get a Flash version of

  2. How do I insert my own home-made wine title into the database and have it show up in my cellar?

  3. Hello,
    I’d recommend entering via (which is the web equivalent for Once entered, you should be able to view in the app. Cheers!

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