Drink Local Wine

Today I stumbled upon DrinkLocalWine.com, an Internet writers project, highlighting the growth of local wines throughout the United States and Canada. Come to find out, it’s an effort between two well respected wine writers in the industry, Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post and Jeff Siegel of The Wine Curmudgeon. Last year, they came up with a new initiative to gather wine writers, bloggers, and journalists across the country to write about their local wines to help raise awareness of regional wines. The “Regional Wine Week” event was held in early October. Links to all of the articles can be found on the website.

Hopefully the project will continue to grow and become a yearly event. With the growth of social technologies like Facebook and Twitter, I believe the event can garner even more attention and participation in ’09. In case I’m lucky enough to have Dave and/or Jeff read this post, I’d love to contribute to the cause!

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