Blue Lobster Blue

Once again, it’s that time of year where I bid adieu to my reds and welcome the Chards, Vogniers, and sparkling wines with open arms. Okay, so maybe not the entire truth, but with the warm weather here to stay, I typically shy away from big reds and walk on the wild side. With temperaturesRead more

Vermont Wine Industry Update

By Daniel Barlow, Vermont Press Bureau Published: April 24, 2009 Vermont House lawmakers on Thursday gave preliminary approval to a bill that would expand wine tastings at select locations across the state. The wine tasting bill allows wineries to begin selling wine by the glass at events at their vineyards and conduct tastings at localRead more

Virginia Viognier

I ventured out to downtown Orlando this afternoon and of course, decided to stop into Total Wine. I was after a 2005 Bordeaux and ended up walking out with a Viognier. I’ve mentioned before that our local store carries a nice selection of wines from the other 46 states and especially Virginia. I selected theRead more

North Carolina On The Rise

On April 29th, North Carolina will welcome Haw River Valley as the states 3rd designated grape growing region, joining Swan Creek and Yadkin Valley. Located in the northern and central portion of the state, the Haw River Valley AVA encompasses approximately 868 sq. miles (555,508 acres). The area presently includes 6 wineries and over 10Read more

A Long Absence

After a long absence, the other 46 is ready to come back stronger than ever, with a new design, logo, and layout. The blog to date, has concentrated solely on wine reviews. Unfortunately, I feel like I’ve missed an opportunity to further inform my readers about the news and events that are helping to shapeRead more

Movin’ On Up

Southern Living Magazine recently published a web article, Discover the South’s Best Wineries, highlighting Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia. In fact, they visit a few wineries previously featured on the other 46, including Biltmore Estate, Linden Vineyards, and my favorite, Tiger Mountain Vineyards in Georgia. The article proves to be a great pocketRead more

Stone Cold

After tasting and writing about the Chamard Vineyards Estate Chardonnay recently (see my earlier post), I was curious to see if I could go two for two from Connecticut. The second bottle from Chamard, Stone Cold White, is an unoaked Chardonnay. Both my wife and I are big fans of this style, so I wasRead more