A New Trend?

Several states outside of the big 4 have published new studies around the growing wine industries in their respective states. Saint Joseph’s University recently published a new study, Quantitative Research Report on Wine Consumer Interest and Attitudes Toward Pennsylvania Wines and Wineries, focusing on the growing trend of consumers staying local to visit destinations such as vineyards and other local interests. Researcher Nancy Childs, Ph.D., professor of food marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, notes the reputation of the winery and the vineyard experience are motivating factors for consumers, followed by a desire to “buy local.”

Of course the economy is another factor, but no more than the “buy local” movement that has exploded onto the stage of late. With the steady growth of wineries, wine blogs, wine bars, and major players like Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Parker showing up everywhere, the wine consumer interest in their local wineries was bound to shift upwards. These wineries are no longer the best kept secret in town, but instead the centerpiece for friends and family gatherings, memories, and most important, great wine. Go ahead and cancel that trip to Napa, and instead, take a staycation to your local winery. Cheers!

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