A Saturday Syrah

Sawtooth 2005 Reserve Syrah
Sawtooth 2005 Reserve Syrah

Tonight’s pour is a 2005 Reserve Syrah from Sawtooth Winery, located in Idaho, in the Snake River Valley AVA. The wine was received as a sample and is the first red I’ve tried from the state. To date, I’ve been very impressed with the white offerings and previously reviewed the Pinot Gris from Sawtooth, which can be read here.

A small production wine with only 140 cases produced, the Reserve Syrah is not available for purchase online. Coming in at 14.5% alcohol, the blend contains 83% Syrah, 6% Mourvèdre, 5% Cinsault, 5% Viognier, and 1% Grenache. Nice earthy aromas are followed up with spice, raspberry, and dark cherry in the mouth. I could see this pairing well with venison or prime rib. A nice effort from Sawtooth Winery.

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  1. must be rough on you sipping wine for the rest of us to read about great blog! thanks for taking “one” for the team i await the review of Boone’s Farm

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