GO TEXAN DrinkLocalWine.com Conference

After much press, the 2009 GOTEXAN DrinkLocalWine.com conference is here! Starting Saturday, August 15th, the conference will include 3 seminars focusing on trends in Texas wine, the distinctive grapes that Texans are using to make those wines, and how consumers can work to get more regional wines in stores and restaurants. The final event includes a Twitter Taste-Off of Texas wines! Led by Russ Kane of Vintage Texas, conference goers will have the opportunity to taste the best of Texas and Twitter, blog or social network their comments live from the event.

I had previously announced the conference on TheOther46.com back in May (see my earlier post) with all hopes of attending. Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, I had to decline. But fear not, I will be monitoring the incoming Tweets and blogging from afar on my MacBook with a glass of Texas wine in hand! I’m very excited about the opportunity and look forward to sharing my thoughts live on TheOther46.com. Check back later this week for more details. Cheers!

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