Free The Grapes Year End Summary

Before I jump back into reviews, I thought I would provide the year end summary received from Free The Grapes. Although a bit delayed, I feel it’s important to share the great progress the organization continues to make in expanding consumer choice.

  • Tennessee created a direct shipping permit.
  • Kansas passed a direct shipping statute.
  • Maine passed a direct shipping statute.
  • Legislators in Florida, the third largest wine-consuming state, denied the fourth consecutive attempt to impose a capacity cap on shipments. Floridians, get ready to defend shipping in 2010!
  • Proposed legislation in Maryland did better than anyone expected, and momentum continues to build toward 2010 with a rising base of active, local consumers and interested media. Read the Baltimore Sun’s news piece (11/27/09) at,0,5339815.story and their editorial (9/7/09) at Marylanders, follow the events of the Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws at
  • Proposed legislation in New Jersey generated tremendous consumer interest and press coverage.
  • Industry representatives continued to work with Pennsylvania authorities, demonstrating the many consumer benefits of direct shipping.
  • The Massachusetts lawsuit challenging the capacity cap was argued before the 1st Circuit US Court of Appeals on November 2. A ruling is expected next Spring.
  • Arizona’s capacity cap and mandatory trip to winery provision were argued before the 9th Circuit in September.
  • The Facebook page for Free the Grapes! grew from a few hundred to nearly 5,000 fans.

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3 thoughts on “Free The Grapes Year End Summary

  1. This is a great cause and exactly the kind of thing I was talking about in a recent post on Cork’d. Thanks for bringing this to greater light in the wine community. Keep up your great work.

    Everyone should fan up Free the Grapes on the Facebook link in the post!

    Josh @nectarwine – Twitter

  2. Hi Josh,
    Thank you for your readership and kind words. Hopefully this is the year more people get involved and more progress is made. Every little bit helps. Cheers!

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