DrinkLocalWine.com: Spotlight on Virginia

DrinkLocalWine.com this week announced it will hold its second annual conference April 24-26, 2010, in Loudoun County, Virginia.  The event, presented by the Virginia Wine Board, will focus on the diversity and quality of the 157 wineries in The Old Dominion.

“The Virginia Wine Board is pleased to sponsor the second annual Drink Local Wine Conference,” says Rock Stephens, the wine board chairman. “In 1979, Virginia had only six wineries and today we have well over 150. From the Shenandoah to Jefferson’s Monticello to George Washington’s birthplace to Virginia’s Eastern Shore, we are proud of the diversity and quality of wines produced in Virginia and look forward to providing attendees the opportunity to experience, as well as, sample some of our outstanding vintages.”

The conference is a great opportunity to showcase the wineries, winemakers, and people helping to put Virginia wine on the global wine map.  I’m hearing a rumor a few Maryland wines will also be on display.  Yours truly, TheOther46.com has already made travel plans!  For more information or to register for the conference call (978) 276-9463 or send an email.

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