DrinkLocalWine.com 2010 Conference: Final Thoughts

4,000,000 is a large number. It also represents the points of contact made from tweets, re-tweets, and other social media messages sent from attendees during the DrinkLocalWine.com conference. An impressive number, especially considering the conference is in it’s infancy. If memory serves me correct, I believe the number was around 200,000 from the inaugural conference in Dallas, Texas. It’s safe to say that Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre were definitely onto something when they started Regional Wine Week in 2008. The growth of local wine is astounding and the momentum is greater than ever.

The bottom line is that with the little event we staged, we had a potential audience of 1570 people; with points of contact over 4 MILLION! Quite powerful. ~Kenton Fabric

Tasting rooms are crowded, local wine sales are up, and the locavore movement is gaining momentum. A strong media presence, both online AND print, are helping to tell the story. One of passion, drive, and commitment. Buying decisions are based less on score and more on terroir. Baby steps become giant leaps. Yes, local wine is headed in the right direction. And websites like DrinkLocalWine.com are helping to lead the way. Let’s keep the momentum. Drink local my friends…

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3 thoughts on “DrinkLocalWine.com 2010 Conference: Final Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Brian. I’d like to think that if Dave and I hadn’t done this, someone else would have. The concept is that popular.

  2. Quick note:

    At the bottom of the DrinkLocal article is this offering…
    “Get 50% off shipping of 6 or more bottles of French wine with coupon code “other35″.”

    Too bad it couldn’t have been a more localized offer which could have sealed the “local” deal.

    BTW, Brian, thanks for the nice article on Illinois and Lynfred wines.


  3. Hi Bob,
    Thank you for your readership. I’ve been working with them to publish a deal for wines from the other 46. That said, Wine Chateau does offer a large selection of wines from the other 46 states. One of the few sites. Cheers!

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