Sharpe Hill Vineyard 2007 Select Late Harvest

Sharpe Hill 2007 Select Late Harvest Vignoles
Sharpe Hill 2007 Select Late Harvest Vignoles

I often find myself drinking the same wines over and over again. So when I pulled the Sharpe Hill Vineyard 2007 Select Late Harvest Vignoles from the cellar recently, it was a nice change. I’ve had my fair share of Late Harvest wines produced from Riesling, Vidal Blanc and several other grape varieties, but never Vignoles. For those unfamiliar with the variety, Vignoles is a hybrid white wine grape produced from a cross made by J.F. Ravat of two grapes, Seibel 8665 and Pinot de corton. Popular in the Northeast and Midwest regions of North America, the fruit can develop very high sugar content while maintaining high acidity, resulting in great dessert wines.

In addition to being my first Vignoles, the wine also represented my first dessert wine from Connecticut. I’ve had several excellent Chardonnays from the state, but never a dessert wine. Vignoles is also one of the grapes in Sharpe Hill’s excellent Ballet of Angels wine (read my review here).

A wine that is made entirely from estate grown, botrytised Vignoles, the wine retails for $24.99. On the nose, a bouquet of flowers, peaches and grapefruits set the stage for a rich, semi-sweet wine bursting with flavors of honey and apricot. A tad short on the finish, but otherwise, a nicely balanced dessert wine that would pair perfectly with blue cheese. Cheers!

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One thought on “Sharpe Hill Vineyard 2007 Select Late Harvest

  1. Brian,

    I’ve come to really enjoy quite a few late harvest vignoles from the Finger Lakes — and even some of the drier renditions too. The high acid really stands up to the rich body and the sugar.

    When I get you up here to NY, we’ll make sure we explore a little together. There is at least one winery making a late harvest wine that includes just a little vignoles…probably for acid and for that ripe fruit character.

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