Breaux Vineyards 2008 Nebbiolo Ice

Breaux Vineyards 2008 Nebbiolo Ice
Breaux Vineyards 2008 Nebbiolo Ice

A Nebbiolo Ice Wine from Virginia? I pondered the same question as I received my first pour from Breaux Vineyards in Purcellville, Virginia over a year ago. First, not many wineries in the state grow and produce Nebbiolo (and by the way, Breaux produces a fabulous varietal Nebbiolo wine that I highly recommend). Second, I don’t know of any other winery producing an ice wine from the grape. That said I was convinced immediately after my first taste that the wine would become an instant classic.

Made from 100% Nebbiolo, the grapes were plucked from the frosty vines on the final morning of the ’08 harvest and frozen post-harvest prior to whole cluster pressing. 13.1% alcohol and 10.1% residual sugar, the $24 wine displays gorgeous strawberry, raspberry and cherry notes on the nose and palate.

Another delicious wine from our friends at Breaux Vineyards. Cheers!

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