Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday. TheOther46.com will be back in action in a few days live from Virginia wine country. Until then, don’t forget to leave Santa a glass of local wine. Cheers!Read more

Breaux Palate

I usually steer clear from writing about wines that are released only to club members, in other words, not released to the general public. But there are exceptions, and today’s wines were too good not to share. Jennifer Breaux Blosser, Sales and Hospitality Director for Breaux Vineyards, sent me 4 wines only available to theirRead more

Arizona Stronghold Vineyards 2008 Tazi

Tonight’s quick sip hails from Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, located in Cornville, Arizona. Situated on the eastern edge of Sulfur Springs Valley in a small, unincorporated area known as the Kansas Settlement, the vineyard is a partnership between Maynard James Keenan and Eric Glomski (I highly recommend the documentary, Blood Into Wine, to learn more aboutRead more

Château des Charmes 2007 Merlot, St. David’s Bench Vineyard

‘Tis the season for great wine and no free time. With Christmas fast approaching and not to mention the dreaded “year end” in the business world, free time is a commodity these days. That said I’ve managed to escape to North Georgia for some winery visits and have had the opportunity to taste some greatRead more