Yonah Mountain Vineyards 2008 Chardonnay

Yonah Mountain Vineyards 2008 Chardonnay
Yonah Mountain Vineyards 2008 Chardonnay

Blind tastings don’t lie. It’s an opportunity for the underdog to shine, especially in the case of local wine. Usually not given a fighting chance, especially by the mainstream media, a blind tasting removes the regional and label prejudices. So when I read Yonah Mountain Vineyards eked out a victory against the mighty Kistler in a controlled blind tasting earlier this year, I couldn’t help but smile. I’m not going to go overboard, this was only a single tasting. But with an elite panel of judges selecting the winning wines, it clearly demonstrates local wine is ready to make their mark in the global wine marketplace.

A bottle of the Yonah Mountain Vineyards 2008 Chardonnay just so happened to make it’s way back to my home after a visit to North Georgia last year. The Chardonnay grapes were sourced from nearby Frogtown Cellars in Dahlonega. Harvest was nearly ruined by rainfall due to hurricane Faye, but a combination of the fast draining Georgia red clay fields and vineyard management, the vines fully recovered and the grapes were harvested September 1st.

A California-esque Chardonnay, the golden, straw-color wine offers topical fruit and undertones of lemon peel and oak on the nose. White peach, apple, vanilla and buttery oak display prominently on the palate. Aged 9 months in French and American oak, the medium-bodied wine retails for $28. A well made wine from a winery that is proving “local” is here to stay. Cheers!

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One thought on “Yonah Mountain Vineyards 2008 Chardonnay

  1. It’s fun to see the little guy win one once in a while! Wine is such a great vehicle to bring people from very different walks of life together. We have a humorous take on wine reviewing because we are not experts but still enjoy the fruit of the vine. Enjoy!

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