I’m often asked what I miss most from Virginia. Aside from the four seasons, the history and of course Virginia wine, I often receive a puzzled look when I mention apples. As the cold weather moves in, I often find myself reminiscing about my trips to the farmer markets to get my fill of hot apple cider, the Apple Harvest Festivals and the familiar crunch of a Red Delicious.

To celebrate the temperatures dropping into the 70’s this past weekend in Central Florida, I decided to enjoy not one, but two apple wines. The first apple wine, Orleans, is produced by Eden Ice Wine Company. Located in West Charleston, Vermont, Eden is the husband and wife team of Albert and Eleanor Leger. Founded in 2007, the farm consists of 800 apple trees and a small pressing operation and bonded winery in the basement of the rebuilt farmhouse. Renowned for their world-class Ice Ciders, the Orleans is an artisanal wine produced from 100% Vermont grown apples and herbs.

An explosion of flavors, red apple, honey, mint and a hint of basil display on the nose and palate. Perfect for cocktails or served over ice, the Orleans is the perfect apéritif or dessert.

Corcoran Vineyards Virginia Apple WineThe next night we decided to open our second apple wine from one of our favorite Virginia wineries, Corcoran Vineyards. Made from 100% Virginia grown apples, the crisp, dry wine is like biting into an apple while sitting in the orchard. 11% alcohol and 1% residual sugar, the apple wine was a treat.

Perhaps apple wine in 70 degree temps isn’t so bad after all. Cheers!

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