Chaddsford Winery 2005 Merican

One of the iconic wineries on the East Coast, Chaddsford Winery has been producing award-winning wines since their first release in 1983. Heralded winemaker Eric Miller is largely credited with launching a wine industry in Pennsylvania that now boasts more than 100 wineries and counting. Having achieved national acclaim and recognition, Eric’s wines have been featured inRead more

Somerset Ridge Traminette Oktoberfest

A 2010 Jefferson Cup award winner and voted one of the top 20 wines in the country in the white non-vinifera white wine category, the Somerset Ridge Traminette Oktoberfest is a prime example of the ever-changing wine world. Made from the Traminette grape, a Gewürztraminer hybrid, the grape has found a permanent home in the Kansas soilsRead more

Tarara Winery 2008 Nevaeh Red

Founded in 1989 by Whitie and Margaret Hubert, Tarara Winery is a 475 acre farm that stretches along the Potomac River in Leesburg, Virginia. A veteran on the Virginia wine scene, Tarara sources from several of the states best vineyards, including their estate vineyard Nevaeh. I haven’t visited since Jordan Harris joined the team as winemaker, butRead more

Eden Calville Blend Vermont Ice Cider

Originated in Southern Québec, ice cider (or cidre de glace in French) is a dessert wine made from apples and concentrated by natural winter cold. There are two approaches to producing ice wine according to Wikipedia: cryoconcentration and cryoextraction. “Cryoconcentration involves harvesting the fruits late in season and leaving them in fresh storage until late December, when they areRead more

Chester Gap Cellars 2008 Merlot

When it comes to Virginia wine, the two varieties most mentioned are Viognier (the state’s official wine grape variety) and Cabernet Franc. Both are deserving of the discussion. And just for the record, I’m a fan of both. But for those new to Virginia wine, you would be remiss if you overlook Merlot, a varietyRead more

Sawtooth Skyline Red 2005

The hardest decision at the end of the day can sometimes be the wine choice. Whether selecting a wine to pair with dinner, or simply finding a wine to enjoy on its own, the decision can be daunting. The other night I wanted a glass of wine to pair alongside a veggie flatbread pizza. NothingRead more

Chester Gap Cellars

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming entrance to Chester Gap Cellars. In fact, if you don’t pay close attention, you may miss some of the best views and wines the state has to offer. Located just off route 522 (literally), Chester Gap sits at over 1000 feet elevation at the northern tip of Rappahannock County, Virginia.Read more