Kinkead Ridge 2010 Riesling

I’m fortunate to try some of the best local wines produced each year. I’m well aware, at least in most cases, several of the wines I feature are near impossible to┬ápurchase. Blame it on shipping laws, limited production or small marketing budgets, at the end of the day, most of the wines I write about are not going to make it into your glass.

This is never more evident than with Kinkead Ridge Winery. Located in Ripley, Ohio, Kinkead Ridge has garnered more awards and acclaim than most wineries from the other 46. But plagued by difficult shipping laws, low production wines and pending retirement, most will never have the opportunity to try their outstanding lineup of wines. Which is all the more reason for locals and visitors to jump on the Ohio wine trail and pay them a visit. Trust me, you’ll thank me afterwards.

Kinkead Ridge 2010 Riesling

The Kinkead Ridge 2010 Riesling starts off with a floral bouquet and light aromas of green apple, honey and lime.

Dry, crisp and refreshing, citrus flavors display prominently on the palate. Lemon, lime and grapefuit flavors give way to more subtle notes of green apple and light herbs. A long finish with plenty of acid makes your case for a second pour easy. All is right with this wine. And at $12 retail, a downright bargain. Kudos to the Kinkead Ridge team.

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