Veritas 2010 Merlot

It’s not often I see a winery offer free shipping, especially one from the other 46 states. In the rare chance I do, I take full advantage. I understand the costs involved, thus the reason I promised earlier this year to publish such offers on the site. My goal from day 1 has been to promote the wineries from the other 46 states, and what better way to get wine in the hands of consumers than through free shipping. A few months back, Veritas Vineyards and Winery offered free shipping, and as a result, I loaded my shopping basket!

Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Afton, Virginia, Veritas Winery opened their doors for business in June 2002. Winemaker, Emily Hodson Pelton, has been at the helm since the first vintage and consistently produces award-winning wines. Her Sauvignon Blanc is a personal favorite and her Viognier ranks near the top as well.

Veritas 2010 Merlot

The Veritas 2010 Merlot retails for $19. Red fruit, cherry, raspberry and a dash of herbs on the nose and palate. Not overly complex, but not one-dimensional either. Medium-bodied with a similar medium-length finish. A simple, good tasting wine.

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